29 July 2010

Tickets Gallery

Tickets are quintessentially disposable; we purchase them, use them to gain admittance to an event or attraction, and then throw them away. The tickets shown below escaped that fate and are exhibited here for your viewing enjoyment.
Two tickets for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The green ticket on the left dates from sometime during the period 1991-1994, based on the 'Michael T. Colle, Chair' printed on the ticket. The other ticket appears to date from around 1960-1961, based on the 15 cent fare, as seen on the reverse side.

The reverse sides of the two TTC tickets:

Side 1 of a 1975-vintage aluminum Toronto Transit Commission token featuring the TTC crest and the motto "Service, Courtesy, Safety, a crown with date 1954 and wings, circled by the words "TORONTO TRANSIT COMMISSION".
Side 2 of a 1975-vintage aluminum Toronto Transit Commission token featuring the TTC logo and three maple leaves below, circled by the words "TORONTO TRANSIT COMMISSION".

The front sides of one youth admission ticket and one adult admission ticket to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Servicemen's Park in Buffalo, New York. This museum, now known as the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, houses the Cleveland-class guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock, the Fletcher-class destroyer USS The Sullivans, the submarine USS Croaker, and a variety of other military vehicles and aircraft of the US Armed Forces. The facility opened to the public on 4 July 1979. The tickets exhibited below were purchased sometime in the mid-1990s.
The reverse side of the tickets, depicting the USS Croaker.

Below: Two admission tickets (one adult, one student) to the Canadian War Museum, dated 26 May 2005. The Canadian War Museum, formerly located on Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Ontario, relocated in early May 2005 to a stunning, spacious, and purpose-built building west of downtown Ottawa. The new museum is designed to resemble a bunker, making extensive use of concrete, but with rooftop gardens alluding to the museum's theme of regeneration.
An admission ticket for a tour of the Centre Block of Canada's Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario. The ticket was issued around 25-27 May 2005, and is stamped 4:20pm. While free, the guided tours can only accommodate a limited number of people in each group, so visitors are asked to obtain tickets beforehand.
A ticket from the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset, UK, 26 August 2009.

A receipt from the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset, UK, 26 August 2009.

Front side of an admission ticket from the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, London, UK, 21 August 2009.
An admission ticket from Westminster Abbey, London, UK, 21 August 2009.

A British Rail ticket from a London-Portsmouth journey on 22 August 2009.

A British Rail ticket from a Portsmouth-Sherborne journey on 24 August 2009.
The front and back sides of a pre-paid €1.50 transit ticket from Rome, Italy, 16 March 2015. Courtesy of MoMI donor PC.
Below: Two 'Hakone Freepass' tickets, dating from 23 April 2015. The Hakone Freepass is a discount excursion ticket offering visitors the ability to hop on and off eight different transport options within Hakone in Ashigarashimo District of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Hakone, easily accessible from Tokyo and designated as a Geopark by UNESCO, hosts one of Japan's most famous hot springs and a number of sightseeing attractions. The Hakone Freepass includes return transportation on the Odakyu-Odawara Line, the 82.5 km railway line that runs between Shinjuku in central Tokyo and the city of Odawara, the gateway to Hakone. (Courtesy of MoMI donor PC)
An instructional card for accessing wireless internet in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. (Courtesy of MoMI donor PC)

A ticket for adult admission to the London Transport Museum, 27 March 2018.

An adult admission ticket for a St Albans City Football Club match, March 2018.

An admission ticket for a 7:30pm showing of playwright Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party on 28 March 2018 at the Harold Pinter Theatre in Panton Street, Westminster, London.

National Rail tickets for travel from St Albans City to London Thameslink on 19 and 21 March 2018, as well as a Standard class Day Travelcard valid for 23 March between St Albans City and London Zones 1-6.

The front and reverse sides of a 27 March 2018 ticket for the MBNA Thames Clippers, a catamaran ferry services on the River Thames in London. This ticket, costing £5.55, was valid for travel from Westminster Pier to Bankside Pier.