15 July 2009

Train Souvenir Gallery

In the golden age of rail travel, trains shuttled across continents providing passengers with good food, stunning views, and comfortable, if bumpy, overnight accomodation. The rise of the commercial aviation industry spelled the demise of mass passenger rail traffic, especially in North America where people soon realised that vast transcontinental distances could be covered in hours via aircraft instead of days via rail. However, some passenger rail services have survived as tourist attractions and scenic routes, as well as commuter services over lesser distances. VIA Rail, the Crown corporation providing passenger rail service in Canada, operates all across the country, but it's staple service is on the busy Windsor, Ontario-Quebec City, Quebec corridor which mostly caters to commuter and business travellers looking for a no-frills, cheaper alternative to short-hop airline flights. The items below were acquired in 2008-9 on VIA Rail trips between Ottawa and Toronto:

A VIA Rail beverage napkin.

A VIA Rail paper bag which doubles as a trash bag or motion sickness bag.

The front of a Swedish Rail ticket envelope, September 2012. (courtesy of MoMI donor PC)

The reverse of a Swedish Rail ticket envelope, September 2012. (courtest of MoMI donor PC)

A 2nd class Swedish Rail ticket from Koebenhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark to Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, 4 September 2012.  (courtesy of MoMI donor PC)

An informative double-sided route map provided by VIA Rail Canada to passengers aboard The Canadian, VIA's signature trans-continental service from Toronto to Vancouver.  This map was obtained by MoMI donor PC during a late July 2014 trip.

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